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  • WonderKittyPokemon

    Hi peopleses, WonderKitty here. I'm just chilling with my best friend, me. It's almost 1 AM here, I'm the only one up, and I have a massive headache, so all is as it should be. Well, except for a few things. There are these gnats flying around my house and I see so many I swear there must be hundreds, also, my laptop's acting weird. I drop it a lot, but otherwise I treat it carefully. There's this chipped corner that I never really paid much attention to until now, and I'm only noticing it because whenever I rest my hand on it I get electrocuted. Nothing serious, although it's a major buzzkill. Gosh, I wish it would kill the flies instead of me. That'd be nice. I tried taping over it? Yep, it just travels to another part of the laptop to s…

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  • Trollpasta Steve

    this is my first time on this website so hello everybody

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  • Mrchrisrocks23

    Me is chris

    July 19, 2013 by Mrchrisrocks23

    Hi my name is chris and I am friend of BRVR and I am glad to have joined this wiki ^3^ I'll see ya later aligator :3

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