Spender I - Spend 5 rainbow coins

Spender II - Spend 10 rainbow coins

Spender III - Spend 15 rainbow coins

Spender IV - Spend 20 rainbow coins

Spender V - Spend 25 rainbow coins

Spender VI - Spend 30 rainbow coins

Spender VII - Spend 35 rainbow coins

Spender VIII - Spend 40 rainbow coins

Spender IX - Spend 45 rainbow coins

Spender X - Spend 50 rainbow coins

Donator I - Donate 5 rainbow coins

Donator II - Donate 10 rainbow coins

Donator III - Donate 15 rainbow coins

Donator IV - Donate 20 rainbow coins

Donator V - Donate 25 rainbow coins

Donator VI - Donate 30 rainbow coins

Donator VII - Donate 35 rainbow coins

Donator VIII - Donate 40 rainbow coins

Donator IX - Donate 45 rainbow coins

Donator X - Donate 50 rainbow coins

Coin Creator - Create your own type of coin

Shopkeeper - Create your own item for the shop

                        Puddingpower's Achievements

Pudding citizen- made a page about pudding (must have at least 1 picture and 250 words)

pudding squire- buy the vanilla pudding armor box

pudding knight- meet puddingpower in chat and buy the chocolate pudding armor box

legendary pudding knight- buy the banana pudding armor

pudding cup- gain 10 pudding coins

rich pudding cup- gain 50 pudding coins

spender- spend 20 pudding coins

big spender- spend 50 pudding coins

huge spender!- spend 100 pudding coins

valued treasure- get the infipuddingcoin

                       Oderyus's achievements

Golden Start: Get 10 golden bananas

Golden and Delicious: Get 25 golden bananas

Golden Delight: Get 50 golden bananas

Golden Paradise: Get 100 golden bananas

Elite Bananarama: Get 1337 golden bananas (very hard)

Monkey Steps: Spend 10 golden bananas

Monkey Spender: Spend 25 golden bananas

Monkey Manager: Spend 50 golden bananas

Monkey CEO: Spend 100 golden bananas

Monkey President: Spend 1337 golden bananas

Anyone get the reference: Secret Achievement

Befriending the impossible: Meet me and befriend me

But the princess is in another castle: Find the secret link in the admins profiles.

The one to rule them all: Find The Rare Banana (Inf. Banana)