Excerpt from a local newspaper :

Sinister UNKNOWN

Still killer

Widely .

A few weeks after the murder of unknown cause , I still murder of sinister unknown is increased . After the evidence has been discovered a little , young boy says that he survived the attack of one of the killer , you are told the story of his brave .

Awoke in the middle of the night I "I saw a bad dream , before going to bed , I even remember it is closed , I for some reason , " boy , open window I say " saw that was . Stand up and once again , I will shut it down . After that , I tried to get back to sleep and crawl under the covers just my . I am when I had a strange feeling someone like they looked at me , I looked up , and there is almost . A small light of light jumped out of my bed , lighting from between the curtains I was a pair of two eyes was not a normal eyes , they were dark , sinister eyes these , these , and black . .. you may be edged afraid I just . . When I saw his mouth . Long , terrible smile that made ​​the hair of all the body on my stand up . To see me , figure , stood there . Finally , after what seemed like an eternity , he is a simple phrase . Said it , but could not MAD man only described method to speak .

's What sent him to me , is pulled up a knife that he put out a scream I said "He , . To sleep ," said . . . He aimed at my heart will jump on top of my bed , I fought him , I'm trying to knock , rolling around me, I punch him off me , kick . It's a man -inch at the time of the arrest threw the knife my father , it went into the shoulder of my father . Is one of the neighbors , perhaps , the man would have finished off him if you did not alert the police .

. Guy who drove in the parking lot , ran toward the door ran Become a corridor "They . I like glass breaking , I heard a big hit . As I came out of my room , I had broken my house and saw a window that was pointing backward . . I can I'll never forget the face , to tell you one thing . I he it but the cold to see disappear into the distance , to see the evil eye , the psychosis smile does not leave my head . they . "

The police are still looking for this guy . To fit the description in this story , if you who appears, please contact the police station near you .

And his family Jeff , had moved to a new neighborhood simply . I thought it would be best that they live in one of the district " fancy " of their father of it , and he was getting a promotion at work . Brother Liu and his Jeff but did not complain . New and better home . It was not what I loved it ? As they had been unpacked , one of their neighbors by I came .

And " Hello " , she "We live across the street from you that I thought . 's Barbara , I Well , I introduce myself my just would like to introduce my son " she said the turn around , I will call on her son . The " Billy , new . " Billy is our neighbor said the high-tech , they ran back to play in his garden .

" Well , " mother of Jeff said, " I'm Margaret , and two sons of mine , this is Liu and Jeff and Peter , my husband " he said. After a self-introduction , respectively , Barbara invited them to the birthday of her son they . When I say that I love them is to , his brother Jeff , his mother , was the object . His family and Jeff , packing is complete , Jeff rose to his mom .

" Mom , why do you , but to invite us to the party of the children some ? If you have not noticed , I am . It's not dumb children of some "

The " Jeff , mother ," he said , "We moved here just , we , now , we will be the party we , and it spent time with our neighbor is final need to show that you want began to talk . " Jeff there , but know that you could not do anything , he has stopped himself . At any time , when his mother said something was finally . To walk to his room , he plopped on his bed . Suddenly , he was sitting there looking at the ceiling when he obtained a strange feeling . Not much pain ... a strange feeling . He dismissed it as feeling some random . His mother heard by calling him to get his stuff , he walked to get it to him .

The next day , Jeff was ready for school to walk the stairs to get breakfast . Sitting there , eating his breakfast , he got that feeling again he . It was strong this time . It gave the pain of tugging slightly to him , but he rejected it again . Liu and He , as finished breakfast , they walked to the bus stop . They and , sitting there waiting for the bus , suddenly , children of some , jumped in. only wrap on their on their skateboards . Jumped back two were both surprised . "Hey , what the hell ?"

Children landed , and turned back to them . Kicking the skateboard of his best , he caught it in his hand . I suspect child to be about 12 . The young one year than Jeff . Wearing the shirts of AEROPOSTALE, he ripped blue jeans .

" Well , well , I see it . Well . To obtain a new meat some we " suddenly , the children of two other appeared . One was huge , except it was super skinny . And I think that since the new "Here , Well , I would like to introduce ourselves , and Liu . " Jeff has Keith above seemed taken over by the children of skinny . He had the face dopey We hope that you have a buddy . "And it's Troy . " He overlooks a child of fat they . I am talking about a bath of lard . This child seemed Since he crawled , like he did not exercise .

"And I , a child of " first said , is when Randy "You have to catch my drift . Well , there is a small price for the bus fare for all children in this area . and be ready to punch the light from the eyes of a child when one of his friends had pulled a knife on him, " Liu , stood up . TSK, TSK, I was hoping you will be more cooperative , but we need to perform this difficult way to walk up to Liu and children . " Is likely , " tut-tut is , from his pocket it I took his wallet . Jeff got that feeling again . Now , it was really strong . Burning sensation . He stood up , but Liu gestures him to sit . Children walked to ignoring him Jeff .

Put a wallet in his pocket , in return for other purse or fellow "My . " Randy please listen here punk little and took out a knife of his own .

And ? "Oh , what do you do ? " In the same manner as the sentence finished , he pops the children in the nose Jeff you . As a result of stretching his face , grabbed the wrist of a child , Jeff broke it Randy . Jeff scream and grabbed the knife from his hand Randy . Keith and Troy rush Jeff , but Jeff was faster too . He threw Randy on the ground . Keith berate him , but Jeff was stabbed by ducking him in the arms . I drop his knife , Keith fell to the ground screaming . Troy rushed him too , but I did not need a knife to Jeff . He just punched Troy in the stomach straight went down Troy . As he fell , he threw up all over . Liu is looking surprised to Jeff , but it may do nothing .

How was " Jeff you ?" It was all he said . They come and look at the bus , they knew would be blamed for the whole thing . So they fast , I began to run as long as they can . As they ran , they look back , the bus driver , looked in a hurry to take over other people and Randy . Liu and Jeff as made ​​it to the school , did not dare to tell what happened to them. Everything they did, I have heard to sit . His brother , had thought of that as a child hitting some Liu , but Jeff knew it more . That was scary . To have that feeling , he just impulse , he felt to hurt someone , it's how powerful . He did not like how it sounded , but he could not help but feel happy . He felt a strange feeling go away , and stay away for a day of school . Now , perhaps , as if not to ride the bus anymore he , how he felt happy and he , walking down the house in all cause near a bus stop . When he arrived home , his day asked him how , "It was a great day ," the next morning , he knocked at the front door of his he said in a sinister little voice his parents I heard . Looking back on him with a look mother angry , he walked to find the two police officers at the door .

The officers of these , please tell me that you are attacking three children . Never They were stabbed it , and was not a combat normal . Bites , " Jeff , the line of sight of the son ! " Jeff the shows his mother that it was true , and fell on the floor .

" Mom , they . Was what pulled the knife on me and Liu "

The " son , is one of " police officers , two stab , 1 with a bruise on his stomach , three children , have a witness to prove that you fled the scene we " we . Jeff just said , what is it ? " do not tell me we knew you did not use it . He can also be said that Liu and he was being attacked , but the evidence attack it was not the first time they did not exist . Since they are referred to as they were the truth , it was not able to say they had not run away . So Jeff was not able to protect themselves and their Liu .

Call down your brother . " Jeff , " My son was not able to do it because it was his beat up all children .

" Sir , was me ... it it . I , Liu beat up . Children tried to put up with me , but he is his partner . " Policeman was something that was not able to stop me to see , they both nod .

" Children , looks like a year of Juvy Well ..."

Wait ! " " Liu says . They looked up to see him with a knife all . Pull their guns , officers are locked in Ryuue .

Was I " it , and beat up the punk of most of them . He , I his sleeve to reveal bruises and cuts as . " He who has the mark to prove it if it had to struggle I lifted .

Put the knife just below , " officers said. And held up a knife , Liu dropped it on the ground . Put his hand , " My son , walked carried over to the policeman he .

Liu , it was me ! I can ! " Jeff did it had tears running down his face ," No .

"Oh , to try to take responsibility for that poor BRO. I did. Now . " Police take me away led to DeRyu police car .

" Liu , to tell them was me ! It tell them ! Was one beat up the children of these " I mother of Jeff put a hand on his shoulder .

The " Jeff , please do not eat as you exist . How We also try to Jeff as an off- speed and Liu and internal . " Police car you know can help you to stop , it is Liu 's I was watching without . Look at the face of Jeff , you know something was wrong , was pulled driveway father Jeff a few minutes later .

" My son , it could not answer what ? " Jeff is the son . His vocal cords were tense from crying . Instead, the mother of Jeff walked the father of internal to break the bad news to him as Jeff wept driveway . Jeff , shocked , to see that there was both disappointed and sad , his parents , walked back to the house in the so or after time . He did not see them . When it was his fault , he could not see how the thought Liu them. If you try to get all of his heart just , he went to sleep . Words and NO from Liu of JDC, the 2nd was passed. I do not make friends hang out . Guilt and sorrow , there is nothing . Jeff is happy , and the day face , it is up to Saturday , the eye is awakened by his mother .

The " Jeff , she said it's the 1st . " She opened the curtain , trying to a flood of light in his room .

"What , asked Jeff what ?" As he stirs awake today .

" Why , it is the party of Billy " now , he woke up completely .

"Mother , you're right , a joke ? Please do not expect to go to a party of some children after me ..." There was a long silence you .

I think " Jeff , now , I both that there may be something to brighten up the past days to get dressed this party we . Mother . " Jeff you know what happened to walk out of the room Te , I will own the downstairs preparation . He fought himself stood up . Picked up the jeans shirt and random , he walked down the stairs . He saw the father and mother of dress up all his . His mother of his father's suit and dress . They will wear flashy clothes such a party of children up to now , why , he thought ?

The " son , mom ?" Jeff Would that all you are going to wear said.

It is better than wearing too much " . " He said . His mother hid it with a smile and press down on the feeling to yell at him .

We , "Now Jeff , may overcoat on , but if you want to make an impression , is how you go . " His father said this . Jeff went back to his room To grumbling .

"I do not have the fancy clothes ! " He shouted down the stairs .

I called the mother . " His pick something just " . He looked around in his closet for what he would call a fantasy . He found a pair of dress pants and black had for undershirt and special occasions . But he was not able to find a shirt to go with it . He found a T-shirt that is patterned striping and the only , and looked around . Both go to dress pants . Discover the Parker white , he put on at the end .

"You ? 're Wearing it," said these both . His mother looked at her watch . "Oh , she said time to change is not just go . . " She flocking as his father out the door and Jeff . They were across the street to the home of Billy and Barbara . The knock on the door , just like his parents just , Barbara appeared that you are wearing over- the way it is they . Adult that is to be walking in the Jeff of all , they did not appear No Kids .

. Jeff , about you go out into the garden , " the children said are you ?" Barbara and meets a few of them .

Jeff , walked out to the garden full of children . Running around in costumes of strange cowboy , they were taken each other with a plastic gun . May have stood in the Toys R Us in the same way he . Suddenly , a child came to him , I handed the hat and toy gun to him .

Pway of " Hey . Wanna ? " He said .

"Oh , no children . I children . " Too old saw him in that weird puppydog face for something like this .

" Pwease?" The child said . " Fine ," Jeff said. And wear a hat , he began to pretend to shoot at children . First, we thought it was ridiculous completely him, but then , he began to have fun actually . It may not have been in the super- cool , but it's was that he took his mind away Liu was the first time . Until I heard the sound , for some time , he played with his children . Weird rolling noise . It hit him . I jumped over the fence of the skateboard on their all Randy Keith , and Troy , . Dropped the fake gun , Jeff , ripped off the hat . Randy looked at Jeff and hatred burning .

"Hello , Jeff , is it? " He said . . " Jeff has some unfinished business saw the nose wounded him " We . " We think. And I beat the crap out of you , my brother will be sent to JDC to you. It's , " But

Randy got angry look in his eyes . "Oh , no, you go for the win , I please do not go for but . Kicked the ass of our day that you are not today , but he . " There is if you have Randy to like I said that it was rushed in Jeff . Both fell to the ground . The hit Jeff in the nose , Jeff grabbed him in the ear , Randy thrust him head . To be pushed Randy off of him , both rose to their feet Jeff . The children were screaming , and parents were running out of the house . Both Keith and Troy pulled the gun from their pockets .

" Anyone not to interrupt , guts will fly ! " They said . Randy stabbed it into his shoulder to pull a knife on Jeff .

Jeff screamed , I fell to his knees . Randy began to kick him in the face . The twist Randy is allowed to fall on the ground Jeff after 3 kick , and his legs , and grab it . Jeff walked toward the back door and stood up . Troy grabbed him .

Do you need help "Some ?" Pick up Jeff in the back of the collar , he will throw him through the door of the patio . As Jeff tried to stand , he kick on the ground . Repeat until Randy started to cough blood , he starts kicking Jeff .

The fight with me to come to Jeff , " ! Pick up Jeff the best , " he will throw him into the kitchen . To see a bottle of vodka on the counter , Randy break the glass on the head of Jeff .

I will throw a Jeff in the living room " Fight! " He is back .

Look at the "I ! " Come on Jeff Jeff , glance at his face covered with blood . Is your brother , and now ! Has been sent to the JDC, you 're going to just sit here , and you ! Let corruption should have been ashamed in there for one year he is me! " " Jeff will start to stand up .

"Oh , at last ! His feet , and ! " Jeff fight became vodka and blood on his face , you'd been standing . Once again , strange feeling , he gets one in you do not feel a while he . "In the end , the! " Randy 's best , he says he to work with Jeff . It is time that happens . Jeff internal something snaps . The spirit of him, all you can rational thought of all the destruction is lost , he is done , you kill . He grabbed Randy , pile , and drives him to the ground . Get over him , he punches him in my mind straight . I cause the mind of Randy punch to stop . Randy as a gasping breath . Jeff hammer him down . Punch , take one last breath , to the death , blood , he is ejected from the body of Randy after the punch .

Everyone has seen Jeff now . Parents , children Keith and Troy crying . They split from the line of sight of his simple , you point to the gun of his own in Jeff . Jeff to see , it will be run stairs to be a gun trained on him . Each shot does not exist , Keith and Troy , let's fire him he is executed . Jeff runs the stairs . You will hear a follow-up behind Keith and Troy him. They duck into the bathroom to give Jeff a round their final bullet . He ripped it from the wall grabbed the towel rack . , Race of Keith Troy and the knife was ready .

Troy bangs the towel in the face of Troy and shake his knife in backup Jeff , away . Troy , hard down , there is all that is left now is Keith . He , however agile than Troy , Jeff If you duck shook towel rack . I drop the knife , he grabbed the neck Jeff . He pushed him to the wall . Thing of bleach fell on him from the top shelf . I was destroyed both of them , it became a scream both of them. His best as could be , Jeff , and wiped his eyes . He shook his head to it straight Keith and pulled back the towel rack . As he lay there , bleeding to death , he let out a sinister smile .

Were asked to ? " Jeff is so funny " What . Remove the light , Keith , turn it on . Said is funny "What , " he " and " but is that you are covered by alcohol or bleach you . As the writer threw him , Keith expanded eyes of Jeff . Flame as in contact with him as soon as the flame is ignited the vodka alcohol . While burning him , bleach , alcohol bleaching his skin . He put out a terrible screech Jeff as it caught on fire . He tried to expand the fire , but did not use it , alcohol was made ​​hell of walking him. Ran down the hall , he fell down the stairs . Everyone saw Jeff , man of fire , drop dead almost on the ground , they began to scream now . The last thing Jeff saw was the other parents that you are trying to extinguish the fire and his mother . He is when it is passed .

When Jeff woke up , he had a cast wrapped around his face . He did not see anything , but he felt a cast on his shoulder , and stitch on top of the body of all his . He tried to stand up , but noticed that there were several tubes in his arms , he is inundated with inch nurse when he tried to stand up , and it fell

"I just you, and back him in his bed . " She do not think you will be able to get out of bed yet he said and re- insert the tube . Jeff , you have no vision , around his does not sit no clue of what was in there . Finally , after hours , he heard the mother .

" Honey , are you okay? " She asked . He was not able to talk to Jeff , his face could not , however, answer and was covered . "Oh honey , I've got great news . Confess Randy tries to attack you , after talking to the police , . " It has been decided to let go of Liu He almost Jeff they witness all remembering the tube coming out of the arms of , and stopped in the middle , it was up bolt . "He will be released tomorrow , and I will be able then , the two come together again . "

Mother of Jeff Jeff hug , goodbye she says . In a few weeks , Jeff was something of where his family visited . Then the day which should have been removed his bandage came . His family , there was everything to how he will look , to see it . Was on the edge of their seats the bandage from the face of Jeff as everyone unwrapped doctor . And to secure the cover on his face , bandage until the last is removed almost , they were waiting .

Let's hope for the best " of , in terms of . Jeff said , to fall the rest , " the doctor pull the cloth as soon as he .

Jeff 's mother screams look at his face . His face struck the sense of awe gaze of the father of Jeff and Liu .

What "What ?" Jeff happened to face ? I I said . He ran to the bathroom in a hurry from the bed . Look at the mirror , he saw the cause of the pain . His face . It's terrible ... it . I was burnt to a deep shade of red his lips . His face turned to pure white color , his hair was signed in black from brown . He put a hand on his face slowly . I was feeling it now is what it is like leather . Then , he saw his family back in the rearview mirror .

" Jeff , " said Mr. Liu , .... does not mean that bad "It "

His family said was also surprised in the same way " " It ! Perfect Jeff ? " Not bad " . Jeff began laughing noticed that the eyes and hands of his left is cramp his parents uncontrollably .

Jeff is ... uh " , are you okay? "

This face . Goes perfectly with me to see ! Haaaaaa ha ha ha , and I 've never felt happier ! " Me? Is it " okay was not able to stop laughing him. To feel it , he stroked his face . To see it in the mirror . What was causing this ? Well , when I was fighting something of Randy in his heart , is his sanity , you may remember the snap thing you Jeff . Now , in other words , he left his parents did not know , as a killing machine of madness .

" Doctor " is a son " all right , you know ... my . Mom ?" Jeff in the head said

"Oh , is typical for patients who have taken a very large amount of the analgesic . This behavior , he is we can change in a few weeks , his behavior , and , get him back here . If you do not want to the psychological test in "

Jeff 's mother went to Jeff . " Thanks to the doctor to you " Oh .