Gender: Male
Born: December 19th
Occupation: Student

LizardMaster178 (born December 19th; UK) is a user on the Wikia site. He is well known for his love for Lizards, Pokémon and anime/manga. He loves to write, roleplay, go on his laptop (almost everyday), play Pokémon, draw, watch TV, sing, and listen to music.


  • He prefers Pokémon over Super Mario.
  • He prefers Twilight over Harry Potter.
  • His favorite Pokémon are Treecko and Eevee.
  • He was born in England.
  • He is British.
  • He regrets many things he has done in his life and generally tries to be a good guy.
  • He has anger issues.
  • He loves anime and manga.
  • He loves Owl City and always listens to it.
  • He has resigned as a user.

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