Gender: Male
Born: April 15th
Occupation: Nothing XD

This is Mrchrisrocks avatar (profile pic).

Mrchrisrocks23 (born April 15th) is a user/admin on this wikia. It is his and other admins jobs to make sure this wiki stays save and secure. He found this wiki by the founder and friend BRVR. Chris is know for his love of anime and manga and videogames. He eats two mini tubs of pudding everyday. He is also mad about cheesecake.


.Like cheesecake and Pudding. 

.Love reading Manga and watching anime (preferably bleach).

.Loves searching the internetz everyday and helping out with wikis and stuff.

.He will be around here alot so feel free to say Hi in chat.

.The founder BRVR and the admins as friends :3.

.Likes Tatsuki Arisawa from Bleach (anime)


.People being reckless.

.People being disrepectful.

.People who are snooby and spoilt and don't follow the rules.