Simon whipping

Me and my cyber whip of administration.

Windows Error Remix 10 Hours

Windows Error Remix 10 Hours

Bill gates

Bill Gates after he lost (boo freakin' hoo!)

My Epic Battle Vs Bill Gates (RPG Style!) ENJOY!

  • Bill gates uses Sticky Keys! 9999 damage! Somenameforacharacter died! Secondnameforaperson used Ctrl Alt Del! 666 damage! Bill Gates uses Blue Screen! All your team mates have died! Continue? 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1....
  • Oderyus uses system restore! All teamates revived! Bill Gates uses Firewall! Bill Gates is now shielded! Somenameforacharacter uses mouse! Characters are faster now! Secondnameforaperson uses Options! Bill Gates no longer has Firewall! Oderyus uses back-up files! All teamates have another life! Somenameforacharacter's mouse grants another move! Somenameforacharacter uses Linux Software! 10000 Damage! Bill Gates flinched! Secondnameforaperson used Google Chrome!....
  • Bill Gates lost 1000 Microsoft Points! Oderyus used Copywrite Claims! Bill Gates lost 1000 Microsoft Points! Bill Gates is out of usable moves! Bill Gates uses struggle! 0 damage! Somenameforaperson uses Disable Sticky Keys! Team now has a 2 round shield! Bill Gates can't use Sticky Keys anymore! Secondnameforaperson uses Better Hardware! 1000 Damage! Bill Gates can't use Blue Screen Of Death! Oderyus uses Copycat Virus! Team will activate move in two rounds...
  • Bill Gates uses all teh monies! 10000 Damage!!! Shield deflects the damage! Team cannot use moves due to Copycat Virus! Shield breaks! Bill Gates uses Investors! Bill Gates charges up his attack! Copycat Virus activated! Copycat Virus will deflect projectiles and shoot them back double the power double the multipliers! Bill Gates uses God Of All PCs x2!!!! Copycat Virus deflects beam and turns the damage and shoots it back at Bill Gates! Bill Gates dies! You Win!!!!!!