Wow the explosion was big.

Once upon a time, I was eating chili. Then I gained magical powers. I became gigantic and Mars exploded. After it did a small chunk of Mars hit my car, and then I became small and fixed my car. In fact, I improved it by making it shoot lasers. And then I gained a magic notebook.

I used the notebook to create a mirror image of myself, who, after exactly 4 breaths, EXPLODED! I made a peanut butter candy that can eat itself! I took a nap in my flying polka-dotted bed that shoots lasers and then another day started. I ordered an extra extra extra extra extra large cheese pizza then I realized I had a magical notebook and could of made a massive cheese pizza. Well now I have to make a 250 dollar bill with the magic notebook. I made another Mars with my magic notebook because I blew it up accidentally. I made a mansion with my notebook and lived in the mansion. I decided... I needed to create new things. I created a cat with a sawblade attached to it's tail. Perfect... Now I can defend myself from zombies. And then out of nowhere in the distance you can hear wub wub weeb weeb wub wub buuuuuuu wub, and transformers blasted out of the houses in the back. I made a zombie invasion and then rode my bicycle into a rocket. I went to the moon and played the guitar riding a dinosaur with a puppy. I went on my wiki and started editing. ...LASERS!!! Then the planet of pasta was born. The rock monster of planet flarpity darp attacked and I killed it with FIGHTING.




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