Wow the explosion was butt.

Once upon a butt, I was eating butt. Then I gained magical powers. I butt gigantic and Uranus exploded. After it did a small chunk of Uranus hit my butt, and then I butt small and fixed my butt. In fact, I improved it by making it shoot butts. And then I gained a magic butt.

I used the butt to create a butt butt of myself, who, after exactly 4 butts, EXPLODED! I made a butt butt butt that can eat itself! I took a butt in my butt butt-butt butt that shoots butts and then another butt started. I ordered a butt butt butt butt butt butt butt butt then I realized I had a magical butt and could of made a massive butt butt. Well now I have to make a 250 dollar butt with the magic butt. I made another Uranus with my magic butt because I butt it up accidentally. I made a butt with my butt and lived in the butt. I decided... I needed to create new butts. I created a butt with a butt attached to its butt. Perfect... Now I can defend myself from butts. And then out of nowhere in the distance you can hear butt butt butt butt butt butt buuuuuuutt butt, and butts butt out of the butts in the butt. I made a butt invasion and then rode my butt into a butt. I went to the butt and played the butt riding a butt with a butt. I went on my butt and started editing. ...BUTTS!!! Then the planet of butt was butt. The butt butt of butt butt attacked and I killed it with BUTT.