Once upon a thirteen o'clock, I found a haunted video game cartridge seller. I bought a disc that read "Super spokky gam" on it with a black sharpie and it was free and he begged me not to buy it after giving me the game for free. I went home and put the VHS tape into my computer. The pancake loaded. Just before I started typed my name, I was shot.

The screen on my abra kadabra machine forever read, "Anus".

And then I destroyed the spork that the potato was on.

The spork came back 696,969,696,969 times. I sold it on eyay-aybay for 696,969,696,969 dollars. The water balloon told me to turn back now. Then a bloody plush of gore appeared. What happened was a secret in abrakadabrasporkeyay-aybaypotato the fruit where if you type 666 13 times you would go to cow then GHOST used MOO 1902901238019283 times. Then the song of lavender town mixed with living in the city and can you feel the sunshine started to play and then I was attacked by BEN Doll.

To be continued.