Once upon a butt of macaroni and cheese, I found a haunted video game butt seller. I butt a butt that read "Butt butt butt" on it. I went home and put the VHS tape into my butt. The butt loaded. Just butt I started typed my name, I was shot.

The screen on my butt forever read, "Anus".

And then I destroyed the butt that the butt was on.

The butt came back 696,969,696,969 times. I sold it on eyay-aybay for 696,969,696,969 dollars. The butt told me to turn butt now. Then a bloody butt of gore appeared. What butt was a secret in abrakadabrasporkeyay-aybaypotato the butt where if you type 666 13 times you would go to butt then BUTT used BUTT 1902901238019283 times.

To butt continued.