I was playing terraria one day. I was looking in a dungeon, and I found a strange item. I moused over it, and the name was "BRVR Voodoo Doll." Wait, I'm BRVR! As soon as I took it out, a message appeared on-screen. "King Wyvern has awoken!". This didn't make sense to me, because wyverns are mini-bosses and there are no king bosses except for King Slime. I was attacked by a giant wyvern wearing a crown and a bunch of regular wyverns. I died and I felt like I was just bitten by a flying giant serpent dog. I looked at my arm to see part of it was bitten off. "That'll take more than a bandage," I thought to myself. After respawning, I was attacked by an army of Pinky slimes, and Pinky slimes are very rare... I felt slime against my skin and I looked at my arm. My arm was covered in some kind of pink gel. I went to the underworld and tried to fight the wall of flesh. I threw in the guide voodoo doll. Wait, Steve, what are you doing, Steve, sto-

BRVR was incinerated.