If you don't know this already because you didn't read the rules yet. If you break any of said rules you will be kicked from chat which is a warning. If you repeat or do something else you will be kicked or banned for a certain amount of time by a moderator,admin or the founder BRVR, herself!.Edit

If you don't know who a admin or moderator is they will have a star next to their name on the right hand side of the chat screen.


Mrchrisrocks23 (Myself)

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An example of us Admins

Puddingpower (a.k.a The Pudding King)





and the founder and greatest Admin of all

BRVR (founder and creator of this wiki, also the champion of the Kanto and Johto region)Edit

Banning and KickingEdit

Banning disables you from going on the chat and creating a post or page for this wiki and the amount of time your ban is, is made by the person who banned you or someone more important.

Kicking is a warning that if you break the rule or do something stupid in chat you will be banned, you must learn from your mistake or your really risking your self.

Thank you for reading this and kids stay out of drugs!Oderyus (talk) 06:26, July 20, 2013 (UTC)Oderyus and Mrchrisrocks23

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^ that is a sign of our faces if you break the rules

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