A "Rainbomb"

There are virtually no weapons in Equestria (According to the show). However, in many fanfictions and the like there are weapons. Such as
  • Fallout: Equestria
  • The many spin-offs of Fallout: Equestria
  • And many more (feel free to list more as you come across them)

Things That Appear to Be Weapons in the ShowEdit

Although the show may look free of weapons, many things appear to be harmful

  • Rainbow Dash's "Rainbomb" (Lesson Zero, Season 2 Episode 3

The Barn is completely destroyed by Rainbow Dash, it also blasts back plant life around the area. Not only that, the shape of the "Rainbomb" clouds depicts that of an Atomic bomb.

  • Magic (How is magic not a potential weapon?)
  • Other (feel free to list more as you come across them)

Fallout: Equestria WeaponsEdit

If there were not weapons in this book, this book would be very boring

  • Little Macintosh (A very powerful pistol)
  • Other "Normal" Weapons (like combat shotguns, sniper rifles, etc.)
  • Zebra Weapons (Some enchant the bullet it fires)
  • Magical Weapons (Some turn you to dust, some just make you dissapear all together)
  • Battle-Saddles (They come in all forms, Double Rifles, Rocket Launchers, etc.)
  • Grenades
  • Mines
  • Armor (Believe it or not, some have weapons by themselves)
  • Other (feel free to list more as you come across them)

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